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Owner | Master Stylist 

My 40 years of hair artistry includes work with Paul Mitchell, Mademoiselle magazine, and platform shows in Hawaii. I keep up with the newest trends by attending workshops in New York, Las Vegas, and California.

When I’m not running the salon, I love spending time with my growing family. I've been a resident in the city of Easthampton for 26 years. I raised my 4 children here, and my youngest son attends Riverside Industries Inc. to learn independent living skills.

I am a strong advocate for those that identify as Autistic. In the past, I've held  a cut-athon for Autism Awareness, donating the money to the Easthampton High School's  Autistic program. 

I’ve owned salons for almost 40 years in Brattleboro, Vt, Greenfield, MA, and in Easthampton, MA--for 20 years!

"We feel better about ourselves when we take care of our hair."

Zina's Gallery

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