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Owner | Master Stylist 

"We feel better about ourselves when we take care of our hair."

My 40 years of hair artistry includes work with Paul Mitchell, Mademoiselle magazine, and platform shows in Hawaii. I keep up with the newest trends by attending workshops in New York, Las Vegas, and California.

When I’m not running the salon, I love spending time with my growing family. I've been a resident in the city of Easthampton for 26 years. I raised my 4 children here, and my youngest son attends Riverside Industries Inc. to learn independent living skills.

I am a strong advocate for those that identify as Autistic. In the past, I've held  a cut-athon for Autism Awareness, donating the money to the Easthampton High School's  Autistic program. 

I’ve owned salons for almost 40 years in Brattleboro, Vt, Greenfield, MA, and in Easthampton, MA--for 20 years!

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